IDF unveils plan to establish ultra-Orthodox brigade

The IDF is planning to establish a brigade comprising approximately 3,000 ultra-Orthodox men.

Rabbi Tzadka condemns Yeshiva draft plans as malicious

Rabbi Tzadka believes that proponents of the new conscription law seek to gradually exert control over the ultra-Orthodox community.

Calcalist: Nepotism flourishes in the Chief Rabbinate

The Ashkenazi and Sephardic Chief Rabbis are tasked with forming a committee to select new Chief Rabbis, with many candidates being their siblings.

Government to retain private lawyer for appeals on Haredi draft exemption

Baharav-Miara declined to represent the state in the appeal.

IDF responds to potential sanctions on Netzah Yehuda

"The IDF thoroughly investigates all incidents and will continue to do so," the army press service affirmed.

Axios report: first-ever US sanctions target IDF unit

The reason cited for these sanctions is alleged human rights violations during their service in Judea and Samaria.

Yeshiva Association: 'Yeshivotniks cannot be drafted - they purchased tickets abroad for Passover'

Horowitz argued that yeshiva students cannot be drafted during this time and should wait at least a month.