'Moral decay and diplomatic blindness': Sa'ar criticizes recognition of Palestinian State

The leader of the Yamin Mamlakhti party, Gideon Saar, sharply criticized European states for unilaterally recognizing the Palestinian state.

Norway recognizes Palestinian independence

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre announced that Norway would recognize Palestine as an independent state.

Politico: Ireland to recognize state of Palestine on May 22

Ireland will officially recognize the independent state of Palestine if two more European countries do the same, Politico reports.

UN Security Council rejects Russia's proposal to ban weapons in space

The UN Security Council rejected a resolution proposed by Russia that called for a permanent ban on the placement of weapons in space.

UN meeting commences with a minute of silence for Iranian president at Russia's request

Today's UN Security Council session focuses on preventing an arms race in outer space.

Israeli government rejects UN resolution elevating Palestinian Authority's status

The Israeli government unanimously approved Benjamin Netanyahu's proposal to reject the UN General Assembly's recognition of a Palestinian state.

UN General Assembly to consider recognition of Palestinian state

The decisions made by the General Assembly are advisory, the adoption of this resolution wouldn't mean the establishment of a Palestinian state.