Geert Wilders, leader of the right-wing Freedom Party, which secured first place in the November 2023 parliamentary elections in the Netherlands, has withdrawn his bid for the prime minister's position, citing failed negotiations with potential coalition partners.

"I prefer the formation of a right-wing government. Less asylum and immigration, prioritizing Dutch interests. My commitment to the nation and its voters outweighs my desire for the position," stated the politician.

While the Freedom Party secured a record 37 seats in parliament, a majority necessitates 76 seats. Talks with the New Social Contract Party, the Farmers' Citizens' Movement, and the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy ended without success.

Often likened to the "Dutch Trump," Wilders, despite his earlier political career, shares similar views. He advocates for Israel, opposes Islam and immigration, expresses Euroscepticism, and suggests reducing aid to Ukraine.