Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly will stop future arms exports to Israel. Yesterday, Canada's parliament passed a non-binding motion on the issue.

In recent years, Israel hasn't purchased weapons from Canada. However, Canadian companies have supplied Israel with protective equipment, such as armored vehicles for the Israeli police and civilian dual-use technology, including communication systems, encryption, disinfection tools, and more.

Joly announced the suspension of such shipments on January 8. However, individual requests for their export to Israel have been under review on a case-by-case basis.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz slammed Canada for the decision.

"I am sorry that the government of Canada is taking this step that undermines Israel's right to self-defense in the face of Hamas murderers who carried out terrible crimes against humanity and against innocent Israelis, including the elderly, women, and children. History will judge the current acts of Canada harshly," he said in a statement.