Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky issued a warning, stating that Ukraine faces a grim fate in the ongoing conflict unless the United States approves a new military aid package for Kyiv.

However, Congress has been unable to reach an agreement due to partisan differences between Democrats and Republicans.

Zelensky emphasized the critical importance of US support, noting that without it, Ukraine's ability to prevail in the conflict and even maintain its existence as a sovereign state would be severely compromised. He also expressed concerns that a defeat for Ukraine could embolden Russia to target other European nations.

Recent developments underscore the urgency of the situation. Zelensky revealed that Ukraine is currently unable to mount a counteroffensive due to ammunition shortages and has requested 25 additional Patriot air defense systems to counter Russian air strikes.

The proposed military aid package, totaling over $95 billion and including support for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, has been pending in Congress since fall 2023.

However, it has faced obstacles as Republicans have insisted on expanding its scope to include measures related to the southern US border.