The media has released the identity of an Israeli woman who tragically died on May 7 in Rio de Janeiro. Her name is Alma Bohadana, she has been in Brazil for over three months.

According to accounts from the Brazilian media, the woman's companion provided a narrative of the incident. He recounted that as they were walking, a motorcyclist approached them. Believing it to be a robbery, they attempted to flee. During the escape, Alma tried to climb over a retaining wall near the ascent to Corcovado and fell from a height of 15 meters, resulting in her fatal injury.

However, law enforcement officials have highlighted inconsistencies in the companion's testimony. During questioning, he alternately mentioned a motorcyclist and someone in a red car. Homicide detectives are exploring all leads, including suspicions surrounding the woman's companion, who claims to have recently met Alma at a hostel in Copacabana.

According to investigators, the incident occurred around 19:00 on May 7, as Alma Bohadana and her companion were walking along Almirante Alexandrino street near Mount Corcovado. The circumstances leading to her fall from a significant height are still under investigation.

It has been confirmed that Alma Bohadana arrived in Brazil over three months ago, spending the initial 90 days in Salvador, northeastern Brazil, before relocating to Rio de Janeiro ten days before the tragic incident.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry issued a statement: "A young Israeli woman tragically lost her life after falling from a significant height in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Foreign Ministry's Office for Israelis Abroad, along with Israel’s consul general in Brazil Neta Avrahami, and a representative from Keren HaYesod in Rio de Janeiro, Mariano Hirsch, are assisting the family in arranging for the transportation of Alma's body to Israel for burial."