British journalist Piers Morgan has revealed the identity of real-life Martha, the stalker from "Baby Reindeer" as Fiona Harvey.

Morgan announced on his X (formerly Twitter) page that he will be interviewing Harvey, who reportedly "wants to have her say set the record straight."

The post includes photos of Fiona and Morgan, and the interview will premiere today (Tuesday, May 9) on Morgan's YouTube channel, "Piers Morgan: Uncensored."

This development emerges amidst the popularity of the mini-series "Baby Reindeer," which premiered on Netflix on April 11 and quickly became a sensation.

"Baby Reindeer" depicts Scottish comedian Richard Gadd's harrowing experience with a stalker over several years. Based on Gadd's real-life ordeal, the series captivated audiences on Netflix.

Viewers and journalists, intrigued by the characters Martha and Darrien, began searching for their real-life counterparts. Gadd, however, urged fans to refrain from speculating, emphasizing that this behavior harms innocent individuals.

He clarified, "That's not the point of the show." Meanwhile, the series sparked discussions in the British Parliament during hearings on British cinema and television.

Netflix's director of programming policy, Benjamin King, assured MPs that the streaming platform and production company, Clerkenwell Films, had taken extensive measures to protect the identities of the "Baby Reindeer" characters.

Despite Gadd's and Netflix's concerns, Fiona Harvey has chosen to reveal her identity and plans to share her story on camera.