IDF confirms death of top Hamas commander Marwan Issa in airstrike earlier this month

At the time of the strike, Israel said it was still evaluating the results of the bombing

Qatar can't confirm whether aid was delivered to hostages

Qatar can't confirm whether medication was delivered to Israeli hostages due to lack of communication in the area.

IDF responds to accusations of killing Palestinian journalists in Gaza

The IDF released intelligence data indicating that the two journalists killed in Gaza, were militants associated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Israel at War: Day 79

Seventy-nine days have passed since October 7th, when Israel was attacked by Hamas, resulting in numerous casualties and captives.

Hamas opens fire on civilians seeking humanitarian aid in Rafah

Gaza Monitoring groups reported Hamas militants opened fire on Palestinians gathered near aid trucks, resulting in casualties.

IDF finds weapons in a School in Gaza City

The IDF found grenades, explosives, and other weapons in a school near a mosque in Gaza City.

Another officer killed in the Gaza Strip

Over the past 24 hours, ten Israeli soldiers were killed during the ongoing battle in the Gaza Strip.