University president removed for backing Israel boycott

Sonoma State University's President, Mike Lee, was removed from his position after agreeing to anti-Israel protesters' demands.

Historic First: Haredi conscripts enlisted in Border Police MAGAV for mandatory service

For the first time in the history of the border police, ultra-religious conscripts began their military service in MAGAV.

Report ahead of Holocaust Day: 'The Jewish way of life in the West may be coming to an end'

The Anti-Defamation League and Tel Aviv University released a report on the rise of antisemitic sentiments worldwide.

'Cancel hate': Holocaust survivors confront antisemitic posts on social media

As part of the #CancelHate campaign, Holocaust survivors read social media posts denying the Holocaust and then debunk the lies.

Eurovision anti-terror headquarters strengthens warning for Malmö

Malmo is known as a hub for anti-Israel activity due to its sizable Middle Eastern population

US congress passes law recognizing attacks on Israel as antisemitism

Representatives of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party are outraged that the law recognizes criticism of Israel as antisemitism.

Barbra Streisand recorded new song due to rise of antisemitism around the world

The song "Love Will Survive" will be released on April 25