The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan confirmed that on June 23, terrorists attacked a synagogue in Derbent, two Orthodox churches, and a road patrol post in Makhachkala.

According to the National Anti-Terrorism Committee of the Russian Federation, preliminary reports indicate a priest and a police officer were killed in these attacks.

There are conflicting reports from telegram channels regarding the status of the synagogues; some claim the one in Derbent was set on fire, while others report fires in Makhachkala.

Shamil Khadulaev, Chairman of the Public Monitoring Commission of Dagestan, reported that Father Nikolai was killed in the Derbent church attack, and a security guard was killed in Makhachkala.

Baza Telegram reported finding a man fatally wounded near the Derbent synagogue and another hospitalized with burns.

In Makhachkala, two militants were reportedly killed, and others escaped. The "Interception" plan has been activated in the republic.

The Mash telegram channel reported six police officers killed and 12 wounded in a shootout with militants in Derbent.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry is investigating reports of the synagogue attack, stating no Israeli citizens or Jewish community members were reported injured at this time.