According to a report from the UN and the World Bank, the Gaza Strip suffered $18.5 billion in damages due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

This accounts for 97% of the combined GDP of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 2022.

The damages breakdown is as follows: 72% to housing, 9% to trade, industry, and services, 3.4% to agriculture, 3% to healthcare, and 2.7% to water supply and sewerage, as noted by Maan News.

Approximately 26 million tons of construction debris now litter Gaza due to bombing and shelling, and its removal is expected to take years. About 75% of the population are now refugees, with nearly a million losing their homes.

The conflict has taken a toll on the mental health of the population, particularly among women, the elderly, and children. 84% of medical facilities were destroyed, leading to the collapse of the education system. Furthermore, there's a lack of consistent electricity supply, and the water system is in disarray.