The US Senate has greenlit a bundle of bills providing extra financial support to Ukraine, Israel, and allies in the Indo-Pacific region. The measures garnered backing from 79 senators, with 18 in opposition.

Heading to US President Joe Biden's desk for his signature is the 21st Century Peace with Power Act, featuring a $95 billion military aid package for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

Under this legislation, Ukraine is slated to receive approximately $61 billion in military assistance. $8.1 billion will be allocated to aid Taiwan and enhance collaboration in the Indo-Pacific region, while $26.4 billion will be directed to Israel, including humanitarian aid to Gaza (amounting to several billion dollars).

Israel's assistance package covers various elements, such as $4 billion for replenishing the Iron Dome and David's Sling missile defense systems and acquiring new batteries. Another $1.2 billion will support the Iron Beam laser missile defense system currently in development. Furthermore, $4.4 billion is allocated to replenish stockpiles of various ammunition types, and $3.5 billion will be used to procure advanced weapons systems and defense services. Additionally, $2.4 billion is set aside for US forces in the Middle East to address threats to Israel.

The legislative package also contains provisions for seizing frozen Russian assets and imposing additional sanctions on China.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz expressed gratitude to the US Senate for endorsing the financial aid package.