Boaz Levi, the General Director of Taasia Avirit, revealed that interest in the Hetz anti-missile system has surged following its successful interception of the Iranian strike on Israel.

"We've received inquiries from several countries seeking information. I'm optimistic about securing new agreements for Hetz system supply, especially after such a convincing display of its capabilities," Levi stated, without specifying the countries involved.

Currently, Germany is the sole state with a supply agreement, a deal that required US approval due to Boeing's involvement in Hetz development. Levi anticipates this agreement will serve as a model for future ones.

A notable achievement occurred during the Iranian attack on April 13-14, where Hetz-3 became the first missile defense system to intercept a target beyond Earth's atmosphere.

Levi, who headed the design bureau overseeing Hetz's development, was honored with lighting a torch on Independence Day.