Eyal Zamir, Major General of the Ministry of Defense, has signed a contract with Elbit Systems to purchase large quantities of ammunition to meet the needs of the ground forces.

The contract spans several years and amounts to 2.8 billion shekels. Production will take place at Elbit's factories in Israel.

Since the beginning of the war, the Ministry of Defense has allocated 63 billion shekels for arms purchases. Additionally, orders totaling approximately 40 billion shekels have been placed with Israeli manufacturers as part of a program to reduce dependence on foreign supplies.

Defense enterprises are operating at an intensive pace during this period.

The Ministry of Defense has requested that the Land Administration delay the dismantling of the Elbit plant in Ramat Hasharon, which is slated to move to the Negev in the next year and a half.

This is due to the urgent need for ammunition, with the Ministry expecting both plants to operate concurrently.