Meta Corporation, which oversees Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, released a quarterly threat report revealing the discovery and removal of an Israeli propaganda network using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to target users in the United States and Canada.

According to the technology website CTech, the clandestine network consisted of 510 bot accounts, 11 pages, one Facebook group, and 32 Instagram accounts. Meta disclosed that this network operated from Israel with the intent to sway public opinion in the United States and Canada.

However, the network was shut down relatively early in its operation, boasting fewer than 500 followers on Facebook, less than 100 group members, and fewer than 2,000 Instagram followers. Despite attempts to inflate popularity, using fake or stolen accounts, many were flagged and deactivated by Meta’s automated systems. To create the illusion of engagement, bot operators garnered likes and followers from Vietnam.

The "bot network" actively commented on posts across international and local media pages, as well as on accounts of public figures and politicians, including American lawmakers. They inserted links to network websites within the comments. Meta experts noted that some comments were generated using AI technology.

Additionally, the report highlighted Meta's dismantling of an Iranian network targeting Israeli users.