IDF discovers Hamas smuggling tunnel reaching Egypt

This was confirmed when the cement poured into the tunnel by the IDF from the Gaza Strip reached Egyptian territory.

Over 115,000 Gaza residents have relocated to Egypt since October 2023

While some entered Egypt to receive medical care for war-related injuries, many others arrived as tourists.

Al-Arabi al-Jadeed: Egypt to deploy troops in Gaza

The Qatari publication Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed detailed a recent meeting in Bahrain attended by top military leaders from the US, Israel, and several Arab nations.

Russia and Egypt to hold joint naval exercises near Israel

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that Russian warships will remain in Egypt until June 14.

Antony Blinken arrives in Egypt for ceasefire talks

This visit marks Blinken's eighth trip to the region since the start of the conflict

Hamas denies allegations of arrest threats by Egypt and Qatar

Sources within Hamas are refuting allegations that Egypt and Qatar threatened to arrest the group's leaders if they reject a hostage release deal.

Israeli-Egyptian crisis and EU sanctions threat: What has happened in the Middle East

Expert on Arab affairs Marianna Belenkaya analyses the consequences of the deadly fire in Rafah, the clash between Egyptian soldiers and Israeli troops at Rafah Crossing, calls for EU trade sanctions on Israel, and China's growing influence in the Middle East