European Union

Ukraine-EU accession talks set for next month despite Hungarian objections

EU leaders propose starting Ukraine accession talks on June 25, sources tell Politico. However, Hungary's consent is necessary and remains the main obstacle.

Borrell: EU countries to recognize Palestinian state by end of May

Several European Union member countries are set to recognize the independence of the Palestinian state by the end of May.

EU's Borrell: "Gaza has become greatest open-air graveyard; Israel provoking famine"

"Before the war, Gaza was the greatest open-air prison. Today, it is the greatest open-air graveyard," Borrell said

Ministry of Health approves 'What's Good for Europe is Good for Israel' bill

The Ministry of Health has unveiled a new bill titled "What's Good for Europe is Good for Israel," aimed at revamping the importation process for food and cosmetics from Europe.

EU sanctions six Arab citizens for financing Hamas

The European Union is imposing sanctions against six individuals involved in financing the terrorist organization Hamas.