On Thursday, May 30, multiple media outlets reported that Rawa Majid, leader of the criminal organization Foxtrot, known as the "Kurdish Fox," is behind a series of terrorist attacks in Europe.

Majid, an Iranian Kurd who lived in Sweden, was recruited by Iranian intelligence services to organize terrorist attacks, including during the Paris Olympics.

Sources such as France-Presse, Ynet, and Times of Israel covered this story.

According to Interpol, Majid is 37 years old and wanted for crimes related to murder preparation and drug trafficking. Israeli intelligence service Mossad believes that Foxtrot was responsible for the attack on the Israeli embassy in Stockholm in January 2024, where a hand grenade was thrown but did not explode.

Mossad claims Majid was arrested after crossing from Turkey to Iran in September 2023 and was recruited by Iranian intelligence to target Jewish and Israeli locations in Europe. His current whereabouts are unknown. Majid's father recently told Swedish publication Aftonbladet that his son left Iran and might be in the Afghanistan region.

Iran also recruited Ismail Abdo, leader of another Swedish Kurdish criminal group, Rumba, to carry out similar tasks. On May 17, a 14-year-old from this group fired at the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm.

Mossad reports that both Foxtrot and Rumba are funded by Iran. They also believe the recent demonstration attack on the Israeli Embassy in Brussels using airsoft grenades was ordered by Iranian intelligence services.