Switzerland's Nemo wins Eurovision, Israel's Eden Golan lands in fifth place

Eden Golan did not receive the maximum 12 points from any country’s jury but did get top points in the popular vote from over a dozen countries

Betting Odds: Croatia, Israel, Switzerland, Ukraine are favourites to win Eurovision 2024

Eden Golan is representing Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with the song "Hurricane"

Israel's Eden Golan advances to the Eurovision 2024 grand final

The Israeli singer will now perform on the stage on Saturday evening to compete in the grand final

Eurovision 2024: Thousands participate in anti-Israel protests in Malmö

Not only were pro-Palestinian activists outside the Eurovision venue but also among the spectators.

Historic First: Haredi conscripts enlisted in Border Police MAGAV for mandatory service

For the first time in the history of the border police, ultra-religious conscripts began their military service in MAGAV.

Eurovision anti-terror headquarters strengthens warning for Malmö

Malmo is known as a hub for anti-Israel activity due to its sizable Middle Eastern population

Eurovision Village in Malmo bans Israeli songs

The official venue of the song contest has made the decision out of security concerns