Israeli songs have been banned from official Eurovision events during the May competition in Malmo, Ynetnews reports citing an unnamed Israeli DJ.

According to their source, all DJs were instructed not to play Israeli songs at the Eurovision Village, an official venue of the Eurovision Song Contest. A similar ban was put on Russian and Belarusian songs but both countries are not participating in the song contest this year.

DJs at Eurovision Village usually build their sets around Eurovision hits from previous years. Israeli songs that have won the contest in prior years have always been very popular.

While Russian and Belarusian tracks are banned because both countries have been disqualified from Eurovision since 2022, Israeli compositions have faced a similar fate for different reasons. According to the source, organizers fear mass disorder from visitors as there are many Muslims and supporters of Palestinians in Malmo.

The instruction is only related to performances at the Eurovision Village and does not extend to other city venues.

Malmo's Folkets Park will transform into the Eurovision Village from May 4-11.

EBU and the Malmo municipality have not commented on the issue.