Haredi draft

Ministers approve conscription law; religious ministers absent

The Cabinet of Ministers for Legislation has unanimously approved Benjamin Netanyahu's proposal to advance the conscription law.

Government to retain private lawyer for appeals on Haredi draft exemption

Baharav-Miara declined to represent the state in the appeal.

'He doesn't want an agreement on the conscription law': Deri criticizes Gantz

Deri condemned Gantz's bill, which he believes aims to undermine the Torah's principles, noting that its approval is unlikely.

Yeshiva Association: 'Yeshivotniks cannot be drafted - they purchased tickets abroad for Passover'

Horowitz argued that yeshiva students cannot be drafted during this time and should wait at least a month.

'State is waging war against God and Torah': Sephardic Rabbis oppose conscription

The rabbis condemn the government's actions, accusing it of sowing discord and attempting to secularize the ultra-religious community.

Government requests independent representation in High Court on conscription issue

Government Secretary Yossi Fuchs requested permission for the government to independently represent itself before the High Court regarding the conscription of yeshiva students.

Ministry stops Yeshiva payments for military-eligible students

The Ministry of Education has issued a notice to yeshiva directors regarding the suspension of payments for students liable for military service.