Israeli musician and songwriter Hanan Ben Ari, who hails from an ultra-religious background and lives a devout lifestyle, has urged Orthodox community representatives to fulfill their civic duty by enlisting in military service.

“This is urgent,” Ben Ari wrote on his Instagram account. “The blood of our brothers and sisters cries out from the ground. Israel is in distress. We need your help.” His impassioned plea comes amidst the Knesset's approval of a bill promoting conscription laws and reports of four more soldiers' deaths.

Addressing his ultra-religious brethren directly, Ben Ari emphasized his love and respect for them. He acknowledged their concerns about facing unfamiliar cultural norms and the fear of compromising their upbringing.

“But we need you,” Ben Ari continued. “This is not a drill. The blood of our people calls out. Israel is in crisis, and beyond studying and praying, we require tens of thousands of soldiers to prevent societal collapse under military and economic strain.”

Expressing his love for Israel, Ben Ari appealed for dialogue on how to inspire confidence among the Orthodox community to participate in military service. He emphasized his aversion to coercion and called for constructive discussion.

“Please, we need you,” the musician concluded his plea.