The power of shared grief: How collective sadness reduces polarization in Israeli society

A study conducted by psychologists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem reveals that Holocaust Remembrance Days contribute to reducing affective polarization among groups.

Biden: 'We will not forget the October 7th violent attack'

US President Joe Biden spoke about antisemitism and the Holocaust seven months to the day after Hamas invaded Israel

Yad Vashem develops AI language model to search for unknown Holocaust victims

Yad Vashem's innovation department has developed an artificial intelligence language model capable of identifying new names and identification features in a database of evidence.

IDF soldiers in Gaza commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day

The ceremonies included speeches and discussions about the history and memory of the six million victims, as well as commemorating the Heroes of the Resistance.

Thousands of Israelis gather for Holocaust survivor Esther Greitzer's funeral

Holocaust survivor, Esther Greitzer, who survived Auschwitz and Dr. Mengele's 'medical experiments,' passes away at 95.

Report ahead of Holocaust Day: 'The Jewish way of life in the West may be coming to an end'

The Anti-Defamation League and Tel Aviv University released a report on the rise of antisemitic sentiments worldwide.

'Cancel hate': Holocaust survivors confront antisemitic posts on social media

As part of the #CancelHate campaign, Holocaust survivors read social media posts denying the Holocaust and then debunk the lies.