95-year-old Esther Greitzer, who survived the Holocaust and endured the horrors of Dr. Mengele's inhumane experiments during her internment at Auschwitz, passed away on the night of Monday, April 6 - Holocaust Remembrance and Heroism Day.

As a consequence of Dr. Mengele's experiments, Esther Greitzer lost the ability to conceive, and she had no surviving close relatives; her brothers had predeceased her. Esther Greitzer's nephew, Yochai Greenglick, issued a plea on social media for attendees to join Esther's funeral, which was slated for 2 p.m. at a cemetery in Haifa. Thousands of Israelis heeded his call.

Yochai Greenglick explained that due to the experiments conducted on Esther in Auschwitz, she was unable to bear children. Nonetheless, she wed and shared a joyful life with her husband Gershon. Her nephews became like her own children and grandchildren.