IDF recovers bodies of hostages Itzhak Gelerenter, Amit Buskila, Shani Louk

The bodies were recovered in an overnight operation carried out by the military and Shin Bet

IDF eliminates terrorist who held Noa Marciano captive

Naeem Ghoul, a senior Hamas operative of the Shati battalion, was killed during a joint operation between the IDF and Shin Bet in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas's strategy, Cairo-Doha relay, and US vacillations: What has happened in the Middle East

Expert on Arab affairs Marianna Belenkaya writes about Hamas's version of the hostage deal, Egypt's role as a mediator, and Biden's decision to stop US weapons supplies to Israel

Elma Abraham, released from Hamas captivity in critical condition, discharged from hospital

Elma Avraham was abducted by Hamas terrorists on October 7 from Nahal Oz and later released as part of a deal with the terrorists.

Brother of hostage Liri Albag, Guy Albag, secures medal at Karting Championship in Slovakia

A round of the Karting CEE championship recently occurred in Slovakia, where Israeli riders showcased strong results.

Hostage families urge Gantz and Eisenkot to 'remove obstacles in deal with Hamas'

Families of the hostages wrote a letter to Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot, urging them to take action against obstacles opposing a deal with Hamas.

Former Gaza hostage Noga Weiss drafts into the IDF

She will serve as a social worker for soldiers which has been her dream position for years