Danny Elgarat, the brother of  Itzik Elgarat from Kibbutz Nir Oz, who was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on October 7, was denied entry to the Knesset. He had arrived at the invitation of MK Naama Lazimy.

Knesset security reported that Danny Elgarat had been involved in an altercation during a Knesset Law Committee meeting the previous day. Stewards were forced to remove him, leading to his subsequent denial of access to the parliamentary complex. Despite his insistence, Knesset Director General Chico Edri intervened, and after their discussion, Danny Elgarat was asked to leave.

According to Channel 12 ITV's news service website on Wednesday, July 10, Danny Elgarat clashed with Boaz Miran, another relative of a hostage, during a committee meeting discussing the hostage release deal. Boaz Miran, brother of Omri Miran who was kidnapped in Gaza, opposes the deal and doubts its success. Elgert, however, advocates for its prompt conclusion.

During the committee session, Elgert interrupted Miran's speech and, after a warning from committee chairman Simcha Rothman, was requested to leave. Refusing to comply, Elgert sat on the floor and clung to chairs, necessitating stewards to forcibly remove him.

Danny Elgarat is actively involved in anti-government protests, attributing personal responsibility for his brother's situation to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.