Islamic Jihad

Islamic Jihad commander eliminated in northern Gaza

Ahmad Ranim spent 15 years in an Israeli prison and resumed terrorist activities after returning to Gaza

Shin Bet arrests 3 Islamic Jihad terrorists directed from Lebanon

These individuals were apprehended back in January, but detailed information about their detention was only authorized for publication today.

Islamic Jihad leader: Israel's deterrent power is weakened

Muhammad al-Hindi stated that Israel lost its deterrent power on the night of April 14.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Lebanon announces another death among its militants

IDF strikes on targets in Lebanon usually result in the deaths of Hezbollah members

Leaders of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas visit Iran

Tehran has long worked to strengthen groups such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Lebanon announces death of its operative as a result of IDF strike

Palestinian Islamic Jihad participated in the Hamas-led incursion into Israel in October

19-year-old jihadist executed in Jenin for collaboration with Israel

He was reportedly executed n the city square by his own brothers and relatives who publicly disowned him