The government unanimously approved Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's compromise proposal regarding the local elections' date.

According to this proposal, the IDF has until 2 p.m. on Thursday, December 28, to announce whether the 2,189 candidates participating in local government elections can be exempted from active duty. If not, the announcement will specify which candidates can or cannot be released from service.

It should be noted that there are candidates whose exemption from service and involvement in hostilities is not possible due to their unique specialties and experience.

This upcoming Sunday, December 31, the government will convene for its next meeting, during which the data received from the IDF will be disclosed, and a decision will be reached regarding the date of municipal elections.

It's important to note that numerous candidates seeking office oppose to the idea of being excused from campaign duty. They argue that such exemption would compel them to compromise their values and hinder their ability to fulfill both their civic and military responsibilities.