The IDF reported that five soldiers were injured in a car attack in the Hebron Highlands. One of them is in serious condition, while the other four are in moderate to mild condition. Their families have been informed of the incident.

On Friday, December 29, around 2:30 pm, a car terrorist attack occurred on Route 60 at the Adoraim intersection in the Hebron Highlands. The military successfully neutralized the terrorist, who was driving a blue Renault car and carried out a hit-and-run.

The identity of the terrorist was later disclosed as 16-year-old Amar Hasin from Hebron.

Terror attacks in Israel in 2023

The list excludes incidents involving stone-throwing or Molotov cocktails unless these events resulted in fatalities or serious injuries.)


December 29: A car terrorist attack at the Adoraim intersection on Route 60 in the Hebron Highlands. Five individuals sustained injuries, and the terrorist has been neutralized.

December 28: Two Israelis injured at the Mazmoriya checkpoint, located south of Jerusalem, by a terrorist armed with a knife.

December 18: A terrorist attack occurred near the village of Ateret. Gunfire targeted a car, resulting in a woman being wounded.

December 17: A terrorist attack took place at the Rantis checkpoint. A terrorist stabbed an IDF officer in the back, inside a store. The assailant has been apprehended. The officer sustained moderate injuries.

December 8: An IDF post near the village of Yabad in Samaria was shelled, resulting in a soldier being wounded.

November 30: A car attack transpired at the Bekaot checkpoint in the Jordan Valley. Two Israelis sustained minor injuries. The perpetrator has been neutralized.

November 30: Shelling occurred on the northern exit from Jerusalem. As a result of the terrorist attack, four people were killed, and 13 others were injured. Two terrorists were shot dead. The names of the deceased Israelis are: Libia Dikman (24), Hana Ifergan (67), Elimelech Waserman (74), and Yuval Doron Kestelman (38).

November 16: A terrorist attack occurred on Route 60, situated south of Jerusalem, leaving five individuals wounded. Three terrorists were neutralized.

November 8: Gunfire targeted a car in Samaria, resulting in two Israelis being wounded.

November 6: A terrorist attack occurred near the Old City of Jerusalem. Junior police sergeant Ros Elisheva Roz Aida Lubin (20 years old) lost her life, while another policeman sustained minor injuries. The terrorist was shot.

November 2: Gunfire targeted a car in Samaria, resulting in the death of Elhanan Klein, a 29-year-old father of three children.

October 7: Terrorists entered Israeli territory from Gaza and caused the deaths of over a thousand civilians, along with hundreds of military personnel and police officers. They also took hundreds of hostages.

September 21: A terrorist attack occurred at a tram stop in Jerusalem. The guard sustained minor injuries, and the terrorist was neutralized.

September 21: A car-ramming terrorist attack took place at the Kalandia checkpoint. The guard sustained slight injuries, while the terrorist was wounded and apprehended.

September 18: A terrorist wielding a knife attacked a border guard at the Mazmoria checkpoint, located south of Jerusalem. The attacker was wounded.

September 12: Gunfire targeted a car near the village of Jauara, resulting in two individuals being injured by glass fragments.

September 6: A man around 50 years old was seriously stabbed at the Jaffa Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem. The terrorist has been detained.

September 5: Near the Argaman intersection in the Jordan Valley, within the jurisdiction of the 417th brigade, a terrorist opened fire at Israeli border guards. He was neutralized by return fire, and a border guard was wounded.

September 4: A Palestinian Arab woman armed with a knife attacked a policeman at the Lion Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. The terrorist was arrested, and no injuries were reported in this incident.

August 31: Several individuals were run over at the Makabim checkpoint near Modiin. An IDF soldier, 20-year-old Sergeant Maxim Molchanov, was killed, while five others sustained injuries. The assailant was shot and neutralized.

August 30: At the Shivtei Israel bus stop, a man was stabbed by a terrorist who has since been neutralized.

August 30: A car attack occurred near Hebron, resulting in slight injuries to an IDF soldier. The terrorist sustained injuries.

August 21: A terrorist attack took place on Highway 60 near the A-Kwasim intersection in the southern Hebron Highlands. An Israeli vehicle was fired upon, resulting in the death of 40-year-old Bat-Sheva Nigri and one individual severely wounded. The attackers fled the scene.

August 19: In Jauara, a shooting attack resulted in the deaths of 60-year-old Shai Silas Nigarker and his 28-year-old son, Aviad Nir Nigarker, residents of Ashdod. The terrorist escaped.

August 10: An attack on an Israeli occurred in a garage in Petah Tikva, leaving the victim seriously injured. The terrorist has been arrested.

August 5: On Montefiore Street in Tel Aviv, Municipal Security Inspector Hen Amir (42) was shot. The terrorist was also killed.

August 2: A shooting occurred at a car near the Hamra intersection in eastern Samaria, resulting in minor injuries to a woman.

August 1: A knife-wielding terrorist attempted to attack Israelis and was subsequently neutralized.

August 1: Near a shopping center in Ma'ale Adumim, a terrorist attack resulted in six people sustaining injuries. The terrorist was shot down.

July 20: A terrorist attack in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo resulted in the serious stabbing of a 25-year-old man. Three suspects were arrested in Beit Lehem.

July 16: A terrorist attack involving firearms took place near the Tkoa intersection. A man sustained serious injuries, and two girls suffered slight injuries. The suspect in the attack was later captured in Beit Lehem.

July 6: In the Kdumim area (Samaria), a terrorist attack involving firearms occurred. Senior Sergeant Shilo Yosef Amir (22 years old) from Kibbutz Meirav was fatally injured as a result of the attack, and the terrorist was subsequently shot.

July 4: A car terrorist attack unfolded on Pinchas Rosen Street in Tel Aviv (Ramat HaHayal district). The terrorist was shot, and nine individuals were injured, with three of them in serious condition.

July 3: On Hay Tayeb Street in Bnei Brak, a 16-year-old Arab from Jenin attacked a 20-year-old Jewish youth with a knife, causing injuries. The wounded man was transported to the hospital in mild to moderate condition. The terrorist has been detained.

June 24: A terrorist attack occurred at the Qalandiya checkpoint, south of Ramallah, resulting in the assailant being shot dead. Two guards sustained injuries.

June 20: A terrorist attack involving firearms took place in Eli (Samaria), leading to the tragic loss of four Israelis and injuring four others. The victims include 21-year-old Arel Masud from the village of Yad Binyamin, 18-year-old Elisha Entman from the village of Eli, 60-year-old Ofer Fayerman from the village of Eli, and 17-year-old Nachman Shmuel Mordof from the village of Ahiya. Two terrorists involved in the attack were eliminated.

June 19: An attempted "vehicle terrorist attack" occurred near checkpoint 300 in the area under the Menashe brigade's responsibility. Two servicemen sustained minor injuries, and two terrorists were neutralized.

June 13: Shelling took place in northern Samaria, near Mevo Dotan, resulting in four individuals being wounded.

June 6: An Israeli car was fired upon in the area between the village of Hauara and the village of Tapuah. The driver sustained minor injuries, and the car was hit with 12 bullets.

June 5: A car attack unfolded in the village of Jauara, resulting in two IDF soldiers being wounded (one moderately and one lightly). The terrorist involved in the attack has been detained.

May 30: A terrorist attack involving firearms occurred in the area of the village of Hermesh (northern Samaria), resulting in the tragic death of 32-year-old Meir Tamari.

May 26: In the village of Tene Omarim, situated on the southern slope of Mount Hebron (within the regional council of Ar-Hebron), an Arab armed with a knife attacked Jews gathered near the synagogue. The assailant was shot dead by a local security guard.

May 21: A "car terrorist attack" took place in Jauara, resulting in the injury of an Israeli. The perpetrator managed to escape.

May 4: A knife attack occurred in the Hawarah area, south of Nablus, resulting in a minor injury to an Israeli. The terrorist responsible has been neutralized.

May 2: Gunfire targeted a car near the village of Avnei Hefetz in Samaria, injuring an Israeli. The assailant managed to escape.

April 25: In Benjamin, a group of runners participating in a Memorial Day race was targeted in a shooting incident, resulting in the injury of an Israeli.

April 24: A terrorist from Beit Safafa struck pedestrians at an intersection near the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem. The attack left five people injured, one of whom was in serious condition. A bystander shot the terrorist.

April 18: A car was shot at in Jerusalem, resulting in two individuals being wounded. The terrorist managed to escape but was apprehended the following day in Nablus.

April 17: At the Gush Etzion intersection, an Arab woman armed with a knife attacked an Israeli man, causing injuries. The terrorist was neutralized.

April 7: A car terrorist attack occurred in Tel Aviv, resulting in the death of one man and injuries to seven people, including the demise of 36-year-old Italian citizen Alessandro Parini.

April 7: Gunfire targeted a car on Route 57 near Hamra, leading to the tragic deaths of two sisters, Rina (16) and Maya (20) Di. The girls' 48-year-old mother, Leia Di, was extremely seriously injured and succumbed to her injuries in the hospital on April 10.

April 6: Shelling near the village of Adam resulted in the injury of a serviceman. The suspect was detained the following day.

April 4: A terrorist attack involving bladed weapons occurred near Tsrifin, leaving two servicemen wounded. The terrorist has been detained.

April 1: A car attack took place on Highway 3514 in Gush Etzion, injuring three servicemen. The terrorist was shot.

March 25: In Haouar, two IDF soldiers sustained gunshot wounds; the assailants managed to escape.

March 19: A stone attack targeted an Israeli car on Route 463. The driver, who claims to have been shot, sustained minor injuries.

March 19: In Hawar, located south of Nablus, a car came under gunfire, resulting in injuries to an Israeli individual. The perpetrator has been neutralized.

March 13: An explosive device detonated at the Megiddo intersection (Highway 65), causing serious injuries to one person. The terrorist, who infiltrated from Lebanon, was eliminated.

March 9: A terror attack occurred on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv. A terrorist opened fire on people near the Gocha restaurant, injuring three. The assailant was shot. Tragically, 32-year-old Or Eshkar succumbed to his injuries at Ichilov Hospital eleven days later.

February 27: An Israeli car was shelled on Route 90 near the Beit HaArava intersection, located south of Jericho, resulting in the tragic death of Elana (Eyal) Ganeles, a US and Israeli citizen.

February 26: A civilian vehicle was targeted in Hawar, near the Einabus junction, situated south of Nablus in Samaria. Brothers Hillel Menachem and Yagel Yaakov Yaniv, both residents of the village of Ar Braha (21 and 20 years old), lost their lives in the attack. The terrorist managed to escape.

February 23: An Arab woman armed with a knife attempted to attack guards at a checkpoint near Ma'ale Adumim,. The woman was successfully neutralized.

February 13: At the Shuafat checkpoint, a 13-year-old teenager armed with a knife attacked border guards conducting a routine check of passengers on a bus. Tragically, Senior Sergeant Asil Suaed (22 years old, from Husniya village) lost his life.

February 13: In the Old City of Jerusalem, a 14-year-old Arab teenager armed with a knife wounded a Jewish youth in the back and fled. The attacker was later arrested.

February 10: A car attack in Jerusalem resulted in three fatalities and five injuries. The assailant was shot. The victims of the terrorist attack were identified as Yaakov Israel Paley (6 years old), Alter Shlomo Lederman (20 years old), and Asher Menachem Paley (8 years old).

February 9: In the Ar-Hebron area, a terrorist attempted to stab an IDF soldier with a knife and was subsequently shot dead.

January 31st: A vehicle-ramming attack took place at the Tapuah intersection in Samaria, resulting in two injured Israelis. The assailant managed to escape.

January 29: An attempted terrorist attack occurred in Kdumim, and the assailant was shot.

January 28: A terrorist fired shots at a restaurant at the Almog intersection (Route 1, en route from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea) and then fled. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

January 28: In Jerusalem, a terrorist attack left two wounded. The 13-year-old was neutralized (injured).

January 27: A terror attack in Jerusalem resulted in seven deaths and three injuries. The perpetrator was shot. The victims of the attack were identified as Natalie Mizrahi (45 years old), Eliyahu Mizrahi (48 years old), Rafael Ben-Eliyahu (56 years old), Asher Nathan Morely (14 years old), Irina Koroleva (59 years old, citizen of Ukraine), Shaul Hai (68 years old), and Ilya Sosensky (26 years old).

January 25: An attempt to attack the military near the village of Kdumim, west of Nablus, occurred, resulting in the death of the assailant, who was shot.

January 21: An attempted attack on an Israeli near Ramallah took place, and the terrorist was shot.

January 11: An attack with bladed weapons near the outpost of Asael in Judea left an Israeli wounded. The terrorist was subsequently neutralized.