IDF Major (Reservist) Erez Luzon has notified the Ramat HaNegev District Council Election Committee of his decision to withdraw from the local government elections. He intends to continue his service and participation in the War of Iron Swords.

Earlier, a group of high-ranking reserve officers, concurrently candidates in municipal elections, filed a lawsuit with the High Court. They demanded a postponement of local council and municipality elections, suggesting a rescheduled date after the conclusion of the ongoing war.

"In this crucial moment, as the people of Israel are engaged in a war against our enemies, I firmly believe that reservist service stands as our paramount mission, surpassing the significance of any other public duty, no matter its importance," wrote Major Luzon in his letter.

According to IDF data, there are presently 2,346 candidates in the active reserve, with 70 vying for the positions of mayor or head of a local council. The government is scheduled to determine the course of municipal elections on Sunday, December 31. The discussion will revolve around the possibility of releasing the 2,189 candidates participating in local elections from the active pool. If not, the deliberation will focus on identifying which candidates can and cannot be released from service.

It is worth noting that certain candidates, who possess unique specialties and experience, cannot be exempted from service and involvement in hostilities. Additionally, it is essential to acknowledge that numerous candidates running for office adamantly oppose being excused from campaign duty. They argue that such an exemption would compel them to act against their values and hinder their ability to fulfill both their civic and military responsibilities.