The IDF has released new information on the progress of the ground offensive against Hamas in the Gaza sector over the past 24 hours. The synergy between ground forces and the air force allows for the effective elimination of terrorists from various extremist groups.

According to reports, an airstrike successfully eliminated Adil Mismah, the Company Commander of Nukhba's Deir al-Balah brigade. He helped lead and direct the October 7 massacre of southern Israeli communities.

In the Abu al-Ata and Shuja'iyya areas, fighters from the 11th Yiftah Brigade attacked Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets. A significant amount of weapons was discovered in one of the mosques.

Members of the 99th Ha'Bazak Division directed the Air Force to target a group of militants engaged in mortar shelling.

Special forces assisted in identifying the militant who launched rockets in Khan Yunis and guided the Air Force to the target. The terrorist was eliminated.

During the night, naval forces targeted Hamas terrorist organization facilities in the Gaza sector, providing support to ground forces.