The IDF has released new information about the progress of the ground offensive in the Gaza Strip over the past day. The army has eliminated Hamas' anti-tank militant groups belonging. Additionally, rocket launchers targeting central Israel were destroyed in the area of Bureij.

In Khan Yunis, after receiving information and coordinates from the 4th Brigade, an IDF Air Force jet eliminated three militants attempting to plant a bomb. Subsequently, two more militants hiding in a nearby building were eliminated. Additionally, an Air Force also struck a Hamas weapons depot.

After Hamas fighters fired an anti-tank missile at soldiers from the 7th Brigade, an IDF Air Force jet attacked the militants.

Also, an airstrike targeted a complex of buildings in Deir al-Balah, where militants were located. Later, a significant number of weapons were found in the area. One militant was also eliminated in the same location.

In Bureij, Golani Brigade fighters found and destroyed large-caliber launch rocket systems intended for targeting central Israel.

The naval forces continue to target coastal areas in the Gaza Strip to support the ground troops.