Event Timeline


In the Tel al-Sultan area, located west of Rafah, the IDF targeted the residence of the Nofal family, resulting in casualties with reported deaths and injuries.


At a daily briefing, IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari announced the elimination of the commander of Hezbollah's air unit in southern Lebanon.

The IDF press service reported that Ali Hussein Barajin was targeted and eliminated by the Air Force. Intelligence reports indicate that the deceased militant played a key role in numerous operations utilizing unmanned vehicles carrying explosives.


Alarms, signaling the entry of a drone into Israeli airspace, resonated in populated areas along the border with Lebanon. Consequently, an air raid alert was sounded in the villages of Ramot Naftali, Iftah, Malkia, Dion, and Mevuot.


Palestinian sources report that an IDF drone fired at targets in Nuseirat. An airstrike also hit a house in Jabalia al-Balad.


In Sderot and the kibbutzim Ibim and Nir Am, the warning system for rocket attacks was activated. The Sderot mayor's office reported that five rockets were launched from Gaza, with three intercepted by the Iron Dome, and two landing in open areas. Fortunately, there were no casualties, and no material damage was reported as a result of the shelling.

The IDF press service disclosed that air force aircraft targeted Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure facilities in Kfarkela and the village of Yarun in southern Lebanon.

Additionally, it was reported that a hostile drone was shot down after entering Israeli territory from Lebanon.


Kibbutz Alumim and Nahal Oz were attacked by Gaza. There is currently no information available regarding casualties or damage caused.

Lebanese sources have reported the death of a high-ranking militant from the Shiite terrorist organization Hezbollah, identified as Ali Hussein Barji. His demise occurred due to a UAV strike near the village of Herbert Selem in southern Lebanon. Baraji was in charge of the group's air force operations in southern Lebanon and was responsible for overseeing drone attacks on Israel.


Following a series of Hezbollah's attempts to target Israeli territory using drones and missiles, the IDF conducted new strikes on the organization's targets in southern Lebanon.

Specifically, the Kfarkela area near Israeli Metula was targeted. Simultaneously, Hezbollah initiated a missile strike, triggering alarms in Dishon.


There are alarms along Israel's northern border.

Lebanese media reports indicate that a UAV struck a target near the village of Khirbet Selm in southern Lebanon. The strike occurred during preparations for the funeral of Jawad Wisam al-Tawil, one of the main commanders of the Radwan special forces who was eliminated the previous day.

As a result of this airstrike, one person was killed, and two others were wounded, believed to be Hezbollah activists. Further details are currently being clarified.

The alarm has once again sounded in the Upper Galilee and Golan Heights.


Alarm sounded in the Upper Galilee and Golan Heights as preliminary data indicates another UAV attempted to breach Israeli airspace from Lebanon. A second alarm followed shortly.

In the vicinity of the Binyamin village of Ateret, an Arab individual armed with a knife attempted to attack Israeli soldiers. The assailant was successfully neutralized, and there were no reported casualties among the Israelis.

The IDF has confirmed the incident occurred during a "routine inspection," specifying that the attacker was shot dead.


Another alarm heard in Upper Galilee. Preliminary data reveals another attempt by a UAV to breach Israeli airspace from Lebanon.

On January 9, IDF forces, General Security Service (Shin Bet), and Border Police (MAGAV) officers arrested 13 terrorist suspects in Judea and Samaria. The detainees were then handed over to Shin Bet investigators for questioning.

The IDF press service reports that improvised mines were neutralized using engineering equipment in Tulkarm, Nur Shams, and Nablus. Additionally, aviation was deployed against militant groups in Nur Shams.

Individuals suspected of terrorism were arrested in the village of Yaabad, west of Jenin. In Nablus, Duvdevan fighters wounded and detained a wanted terrorist who resisted arrest.

Detentions were also carried out in the villages of Atara, Habla, and Ain Mesbah. There were no reported casualties among the Israeli military during the operations conducted in Judea and Samaria.


On the afternoon of January 9, the IDF reported that five additional Israeli soldiers lost their lives in the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip. The names of the deceased have been disclosed. In the last 24 hours, a total of nine Israeli soldiers have been reported killed in Gaza.

Reserve Petty Officer Amit Moshe Shahar, 25, from Ramat Yohanan, a member of the Yahalom engineering unit, was killed in action in the central Gaza Strip.

Reserve Captain Denis Krokhmalov-Vexler, 32, from Beersheba, an officer in the Yahalom engineering unit, lost his life in action in central Gaza.

Reserve Captain Ron Efrimi, 26, of Hod Hasharon, an officer with the Yahalom engineering unit, was killed in action in the central Gaza Strip.

Reserve Sergeant Major Roi Avraham Maimon, 24, from Afula, a member of the Yahalom engineering unit, lost his life in action in central Gaza.

Reserve Petty Officer Akiva Yasinsky, 35, from Ramat Gan, a member of the 8173rd Engineer Battalion, died in action in the central Gaza Strip.

Additionally, a reservist from the 8105th battalion of the 646th brigade sustained serious injuries in a battle in central Gaza.


The IDF targeted a drone launch site in southern Lebanon as well as Hezbollah targets in the village of Qila. Simultaneously, the IDF confirms that this morning, a UAV crashed on the grounds of a military base in northern Israel. The official notice stated, "There was no destruction or casualties." Following the rocket attack, IDF artillery retaliated by striking the rocket launch sites.

Hezbollah claims to have successfully attacked an IDF base in northern Israel. As of now, there have been no official comments from the IDF.

According to TV channel Al-Arabiya, on the morning of January 9, the Israeli Air Force targeted a car near the village of Randuriya, located over 10 km west of the Israeli border. Reuters reports that three Hezbollah militants or commanders were killed in the attack. The identities of those killed are currently being clarified.


Once again, multiple alarms sound in the Upper Galilee as UAV intrusions and rocket attacks persist. Air defense systems are actively engaged.

It's important to highlight that this marks an unusually intense attack from Lebanon. The IDF is responding with counterattacks.


Another alarm is reported in Safed and Birya due to an airspace invasion.

Alarms were triggered in several settlements in the Upper Galilee and Golan Heights. Preliminary data suggests another UAV incursion into Israeli airspace as the cause. Subsequently, alarms were heard in Iftah, Malkia, Dishon, and Ramot Naftali. This time, a rocket attack was recorded.

The IDF released updated information on the recent progress of the ground military operation in the Gaza Strip over the last 24 hours. The IDF has expanded the operational area, advancing deeper into Khan Yunis. Within this timeframe, approximately dozens of terrorists were neutralized, and numerous weapons and tunnel mines were discovered.

The 98th Division "A-Esh" successfully eliminated about 40 terrorists during the 24-hour period. The Airborne Brigade uncovered a warehouse containing 12 Kalashnikov assault rifles, four loaded grenade launchers, and dozens of grenades.

Additionally, the Kfir Brigade eliminated an armed militant in Khan Yunis. In the Maghazi area, located in the center of the Gaza Strip, Golani Brigade fighters identified a group of militants and deployed aircraft to neutralize the group.

Furthermore, IDF naval forces conducted targeted attacks on observation posts, gun emplacements, warehouses, and vessels utilized by Hamas.


On the morning of January 9, the IDF reported the unfortunate news that four Israeli soldiers lost their lives during the recent clashes in the Gaza Strip within the past 24 hours. The names of the deceased have been released.

Sergeant Roi Tal, a 19-year-old soldier from Kfar Yoshua served in the 94th battalion of the Kfir Brigade, lost his life in the line of duty in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Reserve Sergeant Major David Schwartz, aged 26 from Elazar, a soldier in the 8219th Engineer Battalion of the 551st Hitsei HaEsh Brigade, died in battle in the southern Gaza Strip.

Reserve Sergeant Major Yakir Hexter, aged 26 and from Jerusalem, a member of the 8219th Engineer Battalion in the 551st Hitsei HaEsh Brigade, was killed in action in the southern Gaza Strip.

Reserve Petty Officer Gavriel Bloom, aged 27 and from Beit Shemesh, served in the 36th Ga'ash Armored Division, lost his life in the line of duty in central Gaza.

Additionally, within the past 24 hours, six individuals sustained serious injuries. Among them are a reservist from the 8219th battalion of the 551st Hitsei Ha-Esh Brigade, an officer, and two reservists from the 36th Armored Division "Gaash," along with two reservist officers from the 646th brigade.


According to Palestinian Authority sources, IDF forces are currently engaged in operations in the village of Katana, situated in Binyamin, northwest of Jerusalem.

Sources in Gaza have reported that the IDF targeted a building west of Nuseirat, located in the central part of the strip, resulting in casualties. The ongoing conflict persists in the Deir al-Balah area.


As per Palestinian Authority sources, IDF forces have entered Nur Shams, located east of Tulkarm.

In another report from PA sources, IDF forces entered Ya'bad, situated west of Jenin.

Additionally, according to PA sources, IDF forces are conducting operations in the Ain Misbah and Al-Tira areas of Ramallah, leading to the detention of suspects.


As reported by Palestinian Authority sources, IDF forces have entered Azzun, situated east of Qalqilya.

Additionally, PA sources have conveyed that the IDF is currently engaged in an operation in Tulkarm. Reports indicate instances of gunfire and explosions, resulting in casualties on the Palestinian side.


According to Palestinian Authority sources, the IDF is currently undertaking an operation in Qalqilya, specifically in the areas of Kfar Saba and Al-Qurein. The clashes during this operation resulted in injuries on the Palestinian side.

In a separate report from sources in Gaza, it has been stated that the IDF targeted a car on the western outskirts of Rafah, located in the southern part of the strip. This attack led to both fatalities and injuries.

Furthermore, PA sources have conveyed that IDF forces, while operating in the village of Marah Rabah, south of Bethlehem, successfully detained three individuals suspected of involvement in terrorism.


The IDF is currently conducting an operation in Kafr Qaddum, near Qalqilya.


The IDF is persisting in its anti-terrorism operation in Tulkarm and the surrounding vicinity.

Sources in Gaza have reported intense artillery shelling in the central neighborhoods of Khan Yunis.

The most recent attacks from Gaza were documented at 20:59 on January 8. Typically, terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip refrain from firing rockets at Israeli territory overnight, though exceptions may occur.