Following the first day of the trial in The Hague on South Africa's claim against Israel, Israeli representative Lior Haiat accused South Africa of hypocrisy and spreading unfounded accusations.

Haiat asserted that South Africa, acting as the legal arm of Hamas, misrepresented the situation in Gaza after the October 7 massacre. He highlighted that Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel, committing acts of violence against Israeli citizens. Haiat accused South Africa of requesting permission for Hamas to commit war crimes, crimes against humanity, and sexual crimes.

Haiat pointed out that Hamas uses the civilian population of Gaza as human shields, utilizing hospitals, schools, UN shelters, mosques, and churches for military purposes.

The trial, which opened on January 11 at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, involves South Africa accusing Israel of "genocide" of Palestinians during the War of Iron Swords in the Gaza Strip.

The panel of judges includes representatives from Israel and South Africa, with former High Court of Justice Chairman Aharon Barak and former Constitutional Court Vice-President Dikgang Moseneke.

Israel's defense is led by a group of lawyers, including British lawyer Malcolm Shaw, while South African professor John Dugard leads the plaintiff's legal team.

South Africa's claim draws on social media posts and statements, including quotes from Israeli officials like Minister of Heritage Amihai Eliyahu, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Defense Minister Yoav Galant.

A quote from Eliyahu stating that 'there are no civilians in the Gaza Strip, and therefore the use of nuclear weapons could be one of the ways in solving the problem' is among the evidence.

Netanyahu's comparison of Hamas to the tanakhic Amalek and his citation of a verse from the First Book of Kings is interpreted by the plaintiffs as an order to IDF soldiers to kill all Gaza Strip residents indiscriminately.

Another argument includes quotes from Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who referred to Gazans as "animals in human form" and threatened to cut off water and electricity to the Gaza Strip, implementing a complete blockade.

Israeli musician Hanan Ben-Ari's statement proclaiming the return to Gush Katif and the creation of Nova Beach on the coast of Gaza is also mentioned. The trial is ongoing.