A rally marking 100 days since the war began is underway at Hatufim (Kidnapped) Square in front of the Tel Aviv Museum. Tens of thousands have gathered to show support for families with loved ones held by terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

It is the largest rally since the war started, commencing on Saturday, January 13, and scheduled to continue until 8:00 PM on Sunday, January 14.

French President Emmanuel Macron sent a video message to the families, displayed on screens at the square, assuring them, "We will do everything possible. You can rely on me to ensure that they all return home."

Notable speakers scheduled before midnight include US Ambassador to Israel Jacob (Jack) Lew, ex-Chairman of the High Court Dorit Beinisch, Nobel Prize biologist Aaron Ciechanover, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, ex-Knesset member and reserve colonel Nira Shpak, renowned model Linor Abargil, military journalist Itai Anghel, as well as relatives of abductees and former hostages released in deals with Hamas.

Similar events are anticipated nationwide on January 14, dedicated to the fate of the 136 Israelis and foreign citizens being held hostage for 100 days by terrorists.

Prior to the rally, a picket in front of the Tel Aviv Museum and Habima Theater demanded government resignation and a new deal with Hamas for the hostages' return.

Following the picket, a group blocked the Ayalon Highway heading south. Law enforcement reported six detentions for suspected public order violations, but the families' headquarters disclaimed involvement in the road closure.