Hezbollah is engaging in psychological warfare by sending threatening messages to Israelis. These messages, reported by the Keshet-12 TV channel, are originating from European numbers.

As per the channel's information, thousands of Israelis, including local council leaders, have received intimidating messages from Hezbollah.

One message was directed at David Azoulay, the head of the Metula Council, where he was warned by Hezbollah terrorists: "Stay away from Metula, and don’t hide like a mouse, we will find you wherever you are."

Avichai Stern, the mayor of Kiryat Shmona, also received a text message containing the following message: “Look at what happened in Sderot, demand that your government stop the massacre in Gaza.”

The channel highlighted at least four examples of such messages from Hezbollah received by local council leaders, and the specific content of these messages is not repeated.