The Ministry of Health has issued directives to Israeli hospital leaders to prepare for the admission of injured individuals from the Gaza Strip and Lebanon, casualties of the War of Iron Swords.

This decision, explained by the Ministry, is based on humanitarian, political, and military considerations, in line with international laws and conventions.

As reported by Channel Seven, all Israeli general hospitals have received these instructions. Evacuation of the injured Palestinians and Lebanese will be conducted by IDF military rescue services, with decisions made on a case-by-case basis by the operation commander and military doctor in the field.

These decisions will factor in the safety of evacuation routes, Red Cross assistance, the availability of transport, and the existence of humanitarian passages out of the Gaza Strip.

Additionally, the safety of IDF personnel and Red Cross staff involved in transferring victims from Israeli hospitals back to Gaza will be taken into consideration.

All hospitals are mandated to participate in this effort, with the distribution of wounded patients among them considering equal workload, urgency, and the volume of incoming casualties.