Throughout the night of February 20, the IDF continued operations in the Gaza Strip. The information about the progress of the military was received solely from sources in Gaza.

Fierce battles took place in the Zeitoun area, east of Gaza City. The IDF deployed artillery and aviation, with ground forces operating in Zeitoun. Battles in Zaytun are still continuing.

Sources in Gaza reported that the Israeli Air Force struck targets in the south of Khan Yunis and the eastern outskirts of Gaza City. Israeli artillery targeted Rafah and Khan Yunis. IDF Navy vessels fired at the coast of Gaza City.

There were also reports about strikes on targets in the central Gaza Strip. Sources in Gaza reported that an IDF strike on the Karaman family home in Nuseirat resulted in four deaths, while a strike on the Abu-Assad family home in Deir al-Balah left one dead and several wounded. Another IDF strike in Deir al-Balah resulted in nearly 20 injuries.

The IDF has not commented on the military operations in Gaza on February 20.

22-year old Staff Sgt. Maoz Morell, who served in the Paratroopers Brigade’s reconnaissance unit, died on February 19 in the hospital from injuries sustained in combat in the southern Gaza Strip on February 15.