Police have concluded their investigation into the Ra'anana terrorist attack, which resulted in the death of 79-year-old Edna Blushtein and injuries to dozens of people. Charges will be filed against the attackers, two - Ahmed Zidat, 25, and Mahmoud Zidad, 44.

According to a police investigation, Ahmed Zidat, from the southern West Bank town of Bani Naim, was the mastermind behind the attack. During the preparation, he involved his cousin Mahmoud. It was also revealed that the terrorists had planned to assassinate Lt. Col. Avichay Adraee, the IDF's Arabic-language spokesman.

Ahmed Zidat was employed at a car wash in Ra'anana's industrial zone, using a fake ID identifying him as an Israeli citizen from Rahat. During questioning, he admitted that he had long wanted to buy weapons but lacked the money. Despite attempting to raise donations for weapons, he was unsuccessful.

As an alternative, Ahmed decided to utilize his access to vehicles and execute the attack using a car. He brought in his cousin Mahmoud, who had started working at the car wash just three days before the attack.

Mahmoud did not provide his ID to their employer, who did not request it. Consequently, the car wash owner will also face charges for employing an illegal immigrant.

During interrogations, the terrorists cited their motive as retaliation for "the shedding of Gaza's children's blood by Israel" and "the desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque." Although the investigation did not establish a direct affiliation with any specific terrorist organization, Hamas claimed responsibility for the Ra'anana attack.