The IDF says reports that say hundreds of Hamas terrorists simultaneously activated Israeli SIMs before the October 7 attack are untrue.

Numerous news websites reported today that hundreds of members of the Hamas special forces unit Nukhba were provided with Israeli SIM cards to support uninterrupted communication during the terrorists' mega-operation against Israel.

The IDF states that the published data is inaccurate and misinterpreted. "Reports about one thousand simultaneously activated Israeli SIM cards are false and far from reality. In practice, several indicative signs accumulated, which included, among other things, the activation of only dozens of SIMs, which had been activated in previous events in the past. Based on this information, assessments were conducted, and operative decisions were made accordingly," the IDF said.

"As previously published, on the night of October 7, indicative signs were received for which situation assessments were conducted and operative decisions were made accordingly. The indicative signs are based on various tools and capabilities, including technological tools whose method of operation cannot be detailed," the IDF spokesperson's unit added.

The Israel Defense Forces emphasizes that all the circumstances of the October 7 attack and preceding events will be thoroughly investigated both by the IDF and the Shin Bet security agency. The IDF asks the media to "show responsibility and caution" not to harm the military's capabilities amid the war.