The Wall Street Journal reports that Yahya Sinwar, leader of the Hamas group in Gaza, expresses satisfaction with the progress of military operations against Israel, diverging from the pessimism of foreign Hamas leadership.

In February, Hamas leaders in Doha conveyed somber assessments, acknowledging significant losses and IDF pressure.

However, Sinwar's message, according to informed sources, paints a different picture, asserting Hamas's success and strategic advantage.

Sinwar emphasizes that IDF efforts in Rafah will result in civilian casualties, a narrative beneficial to Hamas.

Their objective is to emerge as the primary defender of Palestinian interests post-conflict.

Despite Israel's tactical gains, analysts suggest Hamas remains resilient, with Israeli objectives unmet and international criticism mounting, including from US President Joe Biden.

Capturing Sinwar is a priority, yet his current whereabouts remain elusive, believed to be hidden in Khan Yunis tunnels. Israeli experts believe his death would serve Hamas's agenda.