At 10:00 PM, voting concluded in larger settlements where the second round of municipal elections occurred. In smaller settlements, voting ended at 8:00 PM.

The voter turnout was 44%, nearly 10% lower than in the first round of elections. Unlike the first day of local government elections, the second round was not an official day off.

A second round of elections is held if none of the candidates for the position of head of a municipality or local council manages to secure at least 40% of valid (not invalidated for any reason) ballots, or if two candidates receive an equal number of votes, collectively amounting to 40% or more of the ballots.

The largest city where the second round took place is Haifa.

Additionally, among the large cities where residents couldn't decide on a mayor during the first round are Kiryat Gat, Ramla, Rehovot, Beit Shemesh, Harish, Tirat Carmel, and Yehud.

Residents of Abu Ghosh, Or Akiva, Ariel, Be'er Tuvia, Buq'ata, Efrat, Beit Jana, Binyamina, Basmat Tab'un, Baan, Julis, Jat, Deir al-Assad, Zarzir, Kafr Kanna, Lakiya, Mashhad, Arabah, Peki'in, Kiryat Ekron, Sha'ab, Kfar Qasim, and Neve Midbar regional councils also had to go to the polls for the second time.