The IDF Spokesperson's Unit announced that in February, the IDF established the nation's first space directorate, a unit solely dedicated to space operations, especially in terms of combat and defense.

Lieutenant Colonel N., who spearheaded the newly established Space Directorate, presented the unit during a dedicated press conference. This division encompasses two primary components: satellite projects and cooperation with the Air Force and security systems.

"We view this as an entirely new dimension in combat operations, and to excel, collective learning is crucial," emphasized Colonel N.

"The Air Force possesses vast expertise in defense, offense, and military operations, and the Space Directorate will serve as a vital bridge connecting the nation's challenges with the capabilities of the Air Force," added the unit's leader.

The primary objective of the Space Directorate is to heighten awareness of its importance and enhance coordination with other departments. "Though space may appear distant, it's merely a hundred kilometers away, akin to an hour's drive along Highway 6," elaborated the colonel. "We often utilize this space without even realizing it, such as through mobile phone navigation."

Historically, Israel's conflicts have primarily involved neighboring countries, but now the nation must prepare for engagements in more distant theaters. The newly established Space Directorate will prepare the Israeli military for large-scale aerial combat—and perhaps, in the future, even scenarios reminiscent of 'Star Wars'.