19-year-old Kareem Joubran, an activist of the Islamic Jihad, was executed in Jenin on charges of collaboration with Israel.

According to reports in Palestinian media, he was suspected of providing Israel with information regarding three militants who were killed in Jenin the day before. Reportedly, he confessed to this before his death.

Local bloggers report that Joubran was executed in the city square by his own brothers and other relatives who publicly disowned him.

On Wednesday, March 20, in a joint operation, the IDF and the Shin Bet security service hit two vehicles in an airstrike, striking four Islamic Jihad militants inside.

Ahmed Barakat, who shot and murdered Israeli civilian Meir Tamari in Hermesh in May 2023, was eliminated. In addition, Muhammad Shuakhin, an Islamic Jihad commander of terrorist infrastructure in the area of Jenin, as well as two other operatives, were wounded.

According to Israeli intelligence, the two militants targeted in the attack were involved in planning major attacks on Israeli territory and attacks on Israelis. Barakat and Hawashin attempted to send a suicide bomber into Israel on March 11. They also directed a bombing and shooting attack against troops near the Homesh outpost on March 8, which injured seven IDF soldiers.