On the night of March 21, the Israel Defense Forces continued operations in the Gaza Strip

During the night, sources in Gaza reported IDF strikes on targets in the north, center, and south of the sector. The operation is ongoing at Shifa Hospital in the city of Gaza.

In the north of the sector, the IDF Navy shelled the Abu Hasira family house and other houses on Al-Rasheed Street, west of the city of Gaza. The IDF also shelled the Al-Kishawi family house near Shifa Hospital. In addition, an IDF helicopter fired at houses near Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. Israeli forces forcibly evacuated patients and staff at Shifa Hospital.

In the center of the sector, the IDF Air Force attacked multiple targets in Nuseirat and to the west of Nuseirat. Ground troops continued their actions.

In the south of the sector, near the Al-Awda School, east of Khan Yunis, Israeli special forces operated using service dogs.

There are no IDF comments on the fighting in Gaza on March 21 yet.