On the night of March 31, the Israel Defense Force continued its operations in the Gaza Strip. Only Gazan sources reported on the course of the fighting overnight.

The IDF struck targets in the north and center of the Strip. Combat operations were conducted in various areas of the Gaza Strip.

In northern Gaza, the IDF struck a target near the Kuwaiti junction, southeast of the city of Gaza.

In central Gaza, the Israeli Air Force targeted a factory in Al-Maghazi. The IDF also attacked a target in Nuseirat and shelled targets in Al-Bureij and Deir al-Balah.

Hamas-run Ministry of Health in Gaza reported at least three killed and several wounded as a result of the IDF Air Force strike on the Abu Aun family home in Al-Maghazi, in the center of the sector.

The IDF hasn't commented on the military operations in Gaza on March 31 yet.