On Monday, April 1, the Knesset approved a law granting the Prime Minister and the Minister of Communications authority to shut down foreign channels endangering Israel's security. The bill passed its final readings with support from 71 deputies.

Dubbed the "Al-Jazeera Law" in the media, it emerged due to numerous instances of Al-Jazeera disclosing sensitive information during wartime, such as Israeli troop movements and missile strikes.

Under the new law, if the Prime Minister believes a channel threatens national security, he can instruct the Minister of Communications, after consulting security officials, to remove the channel from cellular and cable networks, block its website, shutter its Israeli offices, seize transmission equipment, and more.

After obtaining a professional opinion from security representatives confirming the channel's threat, the Minister of Communications must submit his order to the district court within 24 hours. The court may modify or extend the ban, initially lasting 45 days and extendable for another 45.

This law remains effective until July 31, 2024, or until the end of the state of emergency.