The IDF announced that, after a situational assessment, it decided to increase manpower and draft additional Israeli Air Defense Command reservists.

The announcement comes against the backdrop of the Irans's threat to respond to the elimination of two generals and five military advisors from the Quds Force and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Damascus.

According to the Mako news website, the military believes that Iran may mobilize its proxies in the Middle East to intensify rocket attacks on Israel. If Iran carries out rocket attacks, "the equation will change."

Following the elimination of Iranian military personnel in Damascus, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, Ali Khamenei, issued threats against the Jewish state, stating that "Israel will regret" his attack.

On March 28, the IDF announced surprise exercises in northern Israel to increase its readiness "for war in the northern arena."

The training framework also included "massive, long-range strikes, flying deep into enemy territory."