Law enforcement detained a businessman in Gan Yavne suspected of hiring Palestinian illegal immigrants and providing them with lodging.

Authorities reported that the Palestinian Authority residents found on the business premises were detained for investigation.

Police Major General Amir Cohen, Chief of Police of the Southern District, issued a 30-day closure order for the business.

On March 31, an illegal Palestinian Authority resident stabbed three individuals with a knife at the Friendly Mall in Gan Yavne.

One of the victims, 34-year-old Lidor Levi, succumbed to his injuries on April 4. Levi, a software engineer, leaves behind a pregnant wife, a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, parents, a brother, and a sister.

The terrorist responsible for the attack is Palestinian Arab Muhammad Fayez Masalma, a resident of a village near Hebron. Masalma previously held a work permit in Israel as a builder but remained illegally after all Palestinian Arab work permits were revoked following the October 7 terrorist attacks.