On the night of April 4, the Israel Defense Forces continued their operations in the Gaza Strip. Only Gazan sources reported on the course of the hostilities at night.

The IDF reportedly struck targets in the south and center of the Strip. There were reports of possible military actions in northern Gaza as well.

In central Gaza, the IDF artillery shelled the Abul-Ajin area east of Deir al-Balah. The IDF Air Force also conducted strikes on targets in central Gaza.

In the southern part of the Strip, the IDF Air Force carried out strikes in the Rafah and Khan Yunis areas. Khan Yunis was also shelled by Israeli artillery.

Sources in Gaza reported that two children were killed as a result of the IDF Air Force strike on the Abu Daraz family's house in Tel al-Sultan, in the southern part of the Strip. Videos and photographs have confirmed the information.

Sources in Gaza reported after midnight that firefighting teams continued to extinguish fires in houses near the Shifa Hospital. Military actions in the area are claimed to have caused the fires.

The IDF has not commented on the recent military operations in Gaza yet.

The intensity of hostilities in Gaza seems to be decreasing. After mistakenly striking a vehicle of the international charitable organization World Central Kitchen, the IDF has made the process of target determination more complex.